More than thirty years of experience guarantees the effectiveness of the treatments created by NATURA BISSÉ, which is the leader in research, development and innovation. Its formulas contain the highest concentration of innovative active ingredients which are created with great delicacy and care. It is for these reasons that Beauty First SPA trusts their clients’ skincare with the prestigious Spanish luxury skincare company. Discover the exclusive rituals of NATURA BISSÉ and live an unforgettable experience of beauty and relaxation.

Before choosing a treatment, we invite you to a free consultation, during which we will determine the condition of the facial skin using a Wood lamp.

Inhibit Face Lift


Lifts · Fills · Relaxes
A cosmetic alternative to medical treatments that gives the skin all the benefits of microinjection, without the risk of complications. Thanks to the content of innovative ingredients with high concentration, it gives a visible lifting effect after the first treatment.


1h Price 770 pln

The Essential Shock Collagen 3D


Purifies · Brightens · Balances
A unique cocktail of bio-identical skin supplements that keep the skin taut, moisturized and wrinkle-free. Its
regenerating power works from the deepest layers, improving the firmness, elasticity and tone of the skin, and thus improving the contour of the face.


1h Price 550 pln

The O2 Relax


Firms · Nourishes · Tightens
An unusual treatment with an exfoliating and nourishing effect, which stimulates cellular functions, leaving the skin perfectly moisturized. The revitalizing power of pure oxygen will cleanse and brighten the most dull skin, making it even and giving it a healthy glow. This is a real injection of oxygen.


Price 495 pln



Reveals · Renews · Exfoliates
Express exfoliation for a glow on the way out. Thanks to the content of 5 alpha-hydroxy acids, this three-phase treatment will make your skin extremely smooth, moisturized and radiant in just 30 minutes!


0,5h Price 310 pln

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of Natura Bissĕ home care products in our SPA.
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