Japanese Face Massage – Kobido 3D Lifting

An effective alternative to aesthetic medicine treatments


  • Visually improved face contours, lifting and firming effect;
  • Improving the microcirculation of the face and the absorption of cosmetics after the treatment;

  • The skin regains its youthful appearance;

  • Relaxing the body, relieving tension and stress from the shoulder and neck area, vitality and energy;

  • The effects are visible after the first treatment.

KOBIDO 3D LIFTING – 1h15m 350zł

  • Face lifting, i.e. improving contours, visually firming, slenderizing, reducing the visibility of fine wrinkles;

  • Lymphatic drainage improving microcirculation and natural detox of the body;
  • Facial acupressure – vitality and energy stimulation;

  • Relaxing massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face – relieving tension and stress;
  • The skin regains its glow after the first treatment, better absorption of cosmetics is visible.

KOBIDO 3D RITUAL – 1h45m 490zł

  • Kobido 3D Ritual containing techniques of shoulder, neck, head and face relaxation, lymphatic drainage, face lifting and acupressure enriched with personalized cosmetic products;
  • Cavitation or enzyme peeling with a mask for the individual needs of the skin with its earlier diagnosis and selection of appropriate cosmetics for home care.

KOBIDO 3D CEREMONY – 2,5h 630zł

  • The unique Kobido 3D Lifting Ritual with a personalized peeling and mask and an additional 45-minute body massage; 
  • Enriched with a massage dedicated to individual needs deep tissue / classic / relaxing / light legs / head and neck
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